TMI (no picture)

Sienna ❄️ β€’ 29 years old, trying with hubby for #1. 1st & 2nd pregnancies were ectopic. FET #1 failed.
I'm really freaked and don't know what to do. 😞 I went to the restroom and went pee as well as had a really loose bowel movment and when I wiped there was blood that came from my vagina. It was a very stretchy mucus like consistency but I felt like it was a lot as every time I'd wipe there would be more on the toilet paper I wiped like 4 or more times. It was a pinkish brown color. I've not had any cramping but felt a little nauseated afterward. Probably just from worry that it might be a miscarriage. Ever since my tummy has felt gassy is the only way I can explain it.