Big booty workouts!

Hey everyone :) im studying to be a personal trainer and noticed some things people have been saying, here and on my other social medias. 
Squats are incredible! They are one of the exercises that burn fat and build muscle! It's great! They burn more calories than any other exercise if done correctly. 
I read a lot of people's journeys and see that they think they can get fit or get a good butt just by walking on the treadmill and doing squats and that's a terrific start but there's lots of other exercises you can do :) 
Hack squats are incredible and I feel such a sensation in my GLUTES when I do these. There's also lunges, kettle bell sunk squats, single leg kick backs, flutter kicks, weighted hip thrusts, single leg push down on the dip/pull up machine, plate loaded leg press, ab/adductor machine, and so many more! So if you want a god booty and you get bored of squats or they just don't appeal to you there are lots of other options :) 
If you google any of those you will find instruction videos. Body building . Com is my personal favorite. 
Also!! Disclaimer: spot reduction is not a thing! So if you want a big booty don't ONLY work your bhtt you have to work every aspect of your body. Arms, legs, back, and, shoulders, legs, GLUTES, the whole shebang :) if anyone is interested if be happy to talk more about it in the comments and if not then give a new exercise a try :) see what you think! ❤️❤️💪