Depo shot

In December 2010 I got pregnant for the first time and had an ectopic pregnancy. I had an abortion because I was so sick. In June 2011 I got pregnant again and had a miscarriage and 2 weeks later I got admitted to the Hospital because of left over placenta in me . I was having high fevers and very sick. When they sent me home they gave me the first dose to the depo and i didn't get my period the month after that .. I started bleeding for 2 weeks straight.. had discomfort in sex, still up to this day. And changes in my discharge.. which sometimes was dry and wet tissue clumps around my vagina lips and clitoral area.. sorry for tmi. I didn't take the other doses to the depo and up to this day I feel like it's impossible for me to get pregnant because every month I feel like I have a yeast infection and start smelling or get really irritated down there . I go the gyn a lot and they give me meds and I feel better till my period comes back. What can I do to induce pregnancy and help with these symptoms I'm having . Will it affect my risk for pregnancy ?! Has this ever happened. To anyone else ?!