Alcoholic mother

This is very hard for me to write but I need advice please be nice ladies. Well, I been living overseas for sometime my husband is not from my home country. I am currently pregnant and with my family while my husband is still overseas we are getting a house built and it's taking more time than we thought. My issue is my mother has a huge drinking problem and drinks at least 6 glasses of wine a day. My father is in denial and gave up pretty much. My mother has been a drinker since as long as I can remember. She has scared many of my friends away and my exs. She is a very mean drunk and is abusive. She doesn't remember the next day anything. She also gets herself hurt and it looks like my dad is beating her. A good amount of people know but no one has really ever confronted her I have tried many times and it has failed. I can't do it on my own and have no support from my family everyone is just use to it. I'm so scared to have my babies in the house with her and around her. I just don't know what to do. My husband doesn't really know about her drinking problem because my dad wants it secret not has he been around her enough to figure it out since we stay at hotels usually when we come to visit. Just really stressing ladies on how to deal with this mess.