That darned cat... (rant)

Katie • Veggie mama
Long rant ahead. So we're moving out of the In-laws' place and I've been packing baby clothes all day, using a room they store workout equipment in. I smelled cat pee, and it isn't unusual for my MIL's cat to pee on laundry. Baby clothes were fine, but I found a gym bag of mine pretty easily I took to be the source. I threw it in the washer, washed my hands and continued. The smell still lingered. I sniffed around and assumed it was just left in the air. I folded and packed clean clothes for hours when finally I was in another room and still smelled pee. I thought to sniff my hands... PEE SMELL. She had peed on the workout mat and I had kneeled there, touched it, and then touched BRAND NEW BABY CLOTHES. I took the soapiest, longest shower... I know I'll have to wash everything again tomorrow now that I've touched it with pee hands. Ughhhhh. Anyone else got not so warm fuzzy stories about pets?