FTM breastfeeding (long post)

First time mom here I am breastfeeding and everything is well baby and I haven't had many problems and it makes me feel very good and bonded with my baby girl but I honestly feel like a single parent. My fiancé and I have a very strong relationship and we were so excited to meet our little girl but not she's here and I'm the only one getting up (more like staying up) all night and half the day to feed her which also leaves me with the changing of the diapers and clothes and other than eating pooping and sleeping our little girl isn't doing much  I just feel so lonely like he isn't included at all. He holds her a few times a day and sometimes changes her but for the most part it's all me. I've been strongly urged not to pump and give her a bottle since she does so well on the breast. Anyone have this problem and find a solution or maybe can just reassure me as she gets older he will be more involved and have more to do with her? She's only 11 days old.