Maybe miscarrying, freaked out.

So I'm 5w along but haven't been able to be excited about it yet. From the start, I've had heavy spotting and cramping so they started doing blood hcg tests. First was on a Friday at 71. Next Monday was 130, wed 199, Fri 446. That one was the first time it doubled. Progesterone 36. Before that, the doc told me this is not a healthy pregnancy and I will either miscarry or I'm ectopic. Having an ultrasound Monday to see what's happening. They also very briefly mentioned a sub chorionic hematoma. I'm really scared and I am trying not to get my hopes up. This is my first hpt after ttc 7 months. :( anyone gone through something similar before? It's hard leaving work for these tests and having to lie about why, and my best friends with new healthy babies at home. I feel like I'm on an island. :(