Metaformin, Pcos, & Questions.


Alright, i have a few questions.

Ive been on metaformin since I was 14 years old for pre diabetes and PCOS. I am no longer prediabetic, still have Pcos and i struggle with my weight. My husband and I are TTC. I haven't been trying for long. But i am concerned that it wont happen because of the pcos, because of my weight. I did quit smoking, I dont drink because I have migraines often. I guess my questions are, have many conceived with PCOS, and on metaformin? And being overweight but have a healthy lifestyle? Its not like my husband and I are eating like trash everyday or anything like that. Im only praying to the lord that when the time its right He will bless us. And trying to not get too discouraged. Thanks!