Something that will cheer you ladies up about weight!

Michelle • Active Duty Marine and future mom due August 6!
So, my midwife said I was gaining weight too quickly (I've gained 25lbs and I'm 22 weeks, 2 days). My arms and legs have been the same and I don't feel like I look "fatter." She told me to cut sugars and fats.
My command took wind and made me go to a nutritionist. I went and found out that my body needs fruit and fats and my midwife has got it all wrong. My nutritionist said: "if you're active, eating as well as what you can stomach, and thinking about your health, your body will gain whatever it needs to to stay healthy. If that's 10lbs total or even 60lbs, then that's what your body will gain. Don't think about the standard, because every person is different."
I just wanted to post this because I've seen a lot of posts about weight lately and if you ladies are doing all you can, then don't worry! You're all rockstars to me!! :)