Anyone else?

Kelsey🌸 • 🎀 8/7/17 & 6/17/19 🎀 ❤️9.5.14 ❤️

Does anyone else feel a bit overwhelmed when everyone wants to nonstop hold their baby? I feel like she just needs to be fed and then put to sleep. Not constantly be held and woken up. I understand people would like to see her but it's a bit much, especially when my mother in law can't take NO for an answer. Or likes to get in the way / assist me when I'm trying to feed or change her. She constantly asks to hold the baby and takes her away. I mean it's our first night home from the hospital and we have to learn things on my own... Breastfeeding has already been a learning challenge and a stressor for the both of us. I would just like to feel less smothered. My partner doesn't quite understand how hard the smothering of everyone is on me. I just needed to vent to someone.

Edit: We live in her house. We aren't getting our own place for another 3 months. So there isn't really an escape from her, besides going upstairs to our bedroom.