Could be my month! TMI & long


I was pregnant once and I had a MC and 5 months. (2013) Been trying since then on and off till this Jan (2015) to really start trying.

I think this might be my month because my period was late. Was supposed to start my period March 10th never came. Did the BD 25th Then on March 26th I got bleeding had nothing but spotting for 4 days. Not normal for me at all. The first time I was pregnant I had sex then next day started bleeding. Month later found out I was pregnant.

First pregnancy I kept having dreams I was pregnant. Now I keep having dreams about being pregnant.

Last time as well I got these Weird lumps on my head ad now I have them again.

I used to love giving my man BJs but when I got pregnant every time I tried I started puking. Yet again every time I try I almost get sick.

To shorten this here is a list of pregnancy Symptoms I had last time and if I have same things

*Can't stand wearing a bra-yes

*Pregnancy dreams -yes

*Lumps on head-yes

*Weird breast changes -yes

*Weight gain-yes

*Excessive hair growth -yes

*Weird abnormal health problem -yes

*Mood swings- hell yes lol

There are many more I am just excited.

I plan on taking a test tomorrow morning. I am really hoping for a positive Tomorrow and can tell my SO for Easter.

Baby dust to all those trying. I hope this is your month as well!