Child support question


So I posted a little bit ago explaining how my mom tricked me into signing over guardianship of my daughter to her. I didn't find out until 2 years later. Everything was fine my mom would only watch her while I was at school at work. Then one day we got into a fight I called the police to take my daughter she would let me then that's when I found out she has guardianship. I couldn't afford an attorney and when I did I basically have to start over and show the courts consistency even though I was doing that before. Well in July I received a letter from child support so I asked my mom about it she said no it's not from me it's from my daughters father. So I said okay. Well we all had child support hearing and my mom put us both on child support I have to pay $800 a month and he has to $300 a month. She filed this back in May and never told me and smiled in my face this whole time. I buy my daughter everything even though my parents say no or don't put her in it I still buy it. I can't afford $800 a month I'm already $3200 behind. I'm still paying off my lawyer so I can take her back to court to do overnights. My daughter doesn't want to be there and cries everytime I leave saying don't go mommy I don't want to be here. I cry every time leaving my parents house or after we finish FaceTime. I been so depressed idk what to do. I never hated my parents as much as I do now. I always forgave them but this I'm done. I'm having a baby in 2 months and I'm so stressed old what to do. My lawyer can't give me any advice until I go finish paying the 4,000 off. I can't even file myself o have to have an attorney because it's through surrogates court. I need advice to get through this. No negativity please.