Is this sexual harassment?


Today I was at school and because I got clay on my pants yesterday, I had to wear my skirt. It goes up to my knees, maybe a little lower. I never wear it because I'm really insecure about my legs, they bruise easily and I get eczema on them in dry weather. These guys in my class kept on saying that I had sexy legs and that they were the sexiest in the class. I told them to leave me alone but they kept on saying it. Eventually one of them said that they wanted to hump my leg, I was really uncomfortable at they point so I told them to leave me alone again and speed walked off. I'm fourteen btw. This was also the only related group when I searched "sexual harassment" to see if anyone else had similar experiences.

Update: I told my dad and we notified the school and the guys will be dealt with according to the school policy thing and stuff so, yeah.