Late ovulation or early pregnancy?

Jessica • 💑2014* 👧2017* TTC 2018*

Hey ladies! Random q for you! 😊 TIA.

I've never had ewcm before, cycle 9 ttc. So this month I had a nearly positive opk CD 13 and my temps went up about .4 degrees. Thought that was ovulation. I had Tons of ewcm for 4 days, but it wasn't the right color, more of an off white/yellow. I read from lots of women they had this in early pregnancy.

Yesterday, supposedly 5dpo my temps dropped the lowest they've been this cycle. Back up some today but still below my coverline. Little bit of ewcm today but more watery. Super positive opk today! I've also read that opks can be positive if you're pregnant, before a pregnancy test might be. I'd be 6dpo today if you assume previous ovulation or not have ovulated yet if not. First pic is CD 13, second is today, 2 different brands.