Should I worry?!! 11 weeks, 4 days!!!


Today I should be 11 weeks and 4 days. I'm really trying not to over think things ... but ... I am a little nervous about my bump! I know pregnancy is different for everyone and I think when I finally go to the doctor, hear that heartbeat, maybe even have an ultrasound, things will really start feeling more "real" & *ok. My concern is, I don't really see or feel the baby. I was already carrying quite a bit of extra weight before I got pregnant again (especially in my mid-section). This will be my third baby but again, even though I'm trying not to worry.. the worst things keep crossing my mind, like.. "what if the baby isn't growing" " what if there isn't a baby anymore" ?!! There are a few more things that I think of often but I don't want to draw this out a whole lot more!! I think the main reason I am panicking is because when I lay on my bed to try & feel the "baby buldge" or just any form/shape there at all, I can't feel a thing!! When I stand up, I already have a big bulge but it looked the same to me before I got pregnant. I'm a little worried about what exactly could be going on and I won't have my first appointment until August 16th. Who else is this far along, has a perfectly growing baby but isn't able to even physically feel the baby?