I need help


So last night I broke up with my abusive boyfriend. And for the last 5 hours I've been throwing up from crying so much. So let me give a back story. When I was 17 I broke up with my high school boyfriend and he got a girlfriend after 2 months of us being apart. So naturally I started to move on, but it got more complicated. In may of last year I started dating my now ex. He moved in with my mom and I, all of a sudden I was stuck. He lived in my room and slept in my bed and I never got away. We went on two vacations together that summer and ended up moving to a town called dunsmuir California. I think I lived there for about 2 weeks and then his mom came up and started telling me I was a manipulative slut for helping her son. I paid all his bills, his gas, for his tires, for his food, his friends food and for their weed. So I made the 6 hour trip back home to monterey alone. I tried to break up with him then and he guilted me into staying. So I stayed and I found a job, got us an apartment and we moved in together. Well when he moved back and we got into the apartment his friend messaged me and said they had brought a prostitute up north. My heart sank and I started bawling bc I'm starting a life with him and he brought up a prostitute and lied to me saying it was a different person. I'm sitting here not even going to school so he can smoke weed and hang out with this chick? Well fast forward to last night his sister messaged me out of the blue saying I'm controlling and I don't respect him and a whole bunch of stuff because he was shit talking me and my mother to his family. Then when I told him it was done he continues to try and trap me here. He won't let me get a car bc he tells his mom everything that I do. So I can't hang a car payment otherwise his mom comes screaming at me. He's saying I have no rational reason to break up with him. But I feel like I do. I honestly don't know what to do anymore. Please I need advice.