What is happening?!


I hate to be dramatic, so I try to downplay things but idk. Just looking for thoughts. Yesterday around 5pm, I went to the grocery store walked around for a bit...oh and btw I'm 35 weeks and 3 days. After walking around the store, I started getting cramps like I was getting ready to come on my period. Nothing to see here, I thought, but then I was like wait a minute I'm 8 months pregnant I'm not coming on my period lol (all in humor). I walked more then went home ate dinner and laid down, I was worn out. While sleeping I was awaken by a pop feeling, I became nervous bc it felt like I had peed myself...but nothing. Cramps had subsided too. Went back to sleep was awoken by more cramps and back pain around 3am, drank water, cramps slightly subsided and I went back to sleep only to be awaken by another pop (felt like a gas bubble but coming from my nether regions). Woke up exhausted and had more menstrual-like cramps around 6am, went away after about 15 min. TMI but I also had diarrhea twice this morning!

I have not called the dr yet bc I have an appt tomor. Just wanna get ur thoughts. Anyone else experience these "pops" or any of the other symptoms? Thanks