New to group

I'm 36 and my dh and I have been ttc t for roughly 2yrs. We've been married 10mo. Started seeing a fertility doctor last Sept, after all the tests, he was able to diagnose endometriosis during laparoscopy at a level 2.5 in the one tube, 3 in the other plus removed cysts that were full of Endo. Didn't even see that as a possibility. So after cleaning them out he suggested injections because of my age. After careful consideration we decided to keep trying on our own since we're saving for a house. Def a rollercoaster ride this has been. Got my first cycle since the surgery, keeping fingers crossed this will be our month. I'm taking maca root everyday and we've invested in The Stork OTC to try. Any suggestions for me would be great. This thread is teaching me alot about this.