Yesterday was great!

Michelle • Married and first time mommy!
My family and I went to BuyBuy Baby yesterday. Well, when we got there I found this baby doll buckled up in a car seat. I went over and grabbed it and it was as heavy as a real baby! My husband saw how excited I was that I found it. So I decided to take the doll around the store to the swings, bouncers, pack n' plays and the strollers. My husband has noooo experience with babies, he hasn't even held one before. So I told him now is a good time to show him some things. I showed him how to buckle a baby in almost everything. It was so funny because as he was putting the baby in the swing he bumped the baby's head on top and couldn't figure out how to buckle it. Then we went to the car seats again and he buckled up the baby there. This time as he was buckling the baby he didn't put the baby's arms through the holes so they were smushed. I kept giggling because he has so much to learn and I can't wait to teach him. He was always getting embarrassed because we were playing with that doll, but I had no shame. I also had him button up a onzie the other day and when he finish the arms were buttoned to the legs. It's so funny watching him learn though. :) He will be such a great dad!