Clingy mother in law.

Jazmin β€’ 21, marine wife, mommy πŸ‘ΆπŸ»
So my mother in-law has been getting on my nerves. I get she's trying to help and all but I feel like she's become alittle to obsessed with my baby. This is my first pregnancy and her first grandchild. I know she's excited but she really needs to back off not to be mean. Since the day my husband and I announced that we were pregnant she's been really on top of me like trying to be better then my mom I feel. She told my husband that she wants to move where we are in North Carolina to be closer to her grandchild... She's also always asking what he's going to call her when he learns to speak. I just feel like she's trying to take over my role as a mother and trying to compet with my mom. Should I be mad? Has this ever happened to any of you mommies?!! 😳😳😳