Fiancé left me at home

Katie • 25 years old. Me and my fiancé have a almost 3 year old and TTC #2!!
I am hurt really bad. I fell at work and hurt my ankle and it appears I might have torn my ligament. I am also 10w3d pregnant. Anyways I can't walk, put weight on my foot, or anything. I decided to skip the holidays to rest and I didn't want to try and get down 3 sets of stairs with crutches and risk falling. Well my fiancé wanted to go to his families. I said it did not bother me, but it does. Really bad. I am home alone. Unable to do anything. I can only get to the bathroom and that's even hard work. I've done nothing but cry since he left, and I don't even know why I am crying!!!! I don't cry hardly ever!!! Idk, am I just being over sensitive about it?