Is this a faint positive?

I posted yesterday and I can't find it on here now, but I think most of the votes were split between yes and maybe and 10% were no last I checked. Some people told me to post a pic of a test after FMU. So in the pic here, the test on the bottom is with FMU. It is slightly darker but it was only 9 hours later and my urine with the above test was pretty concentrated too. Do you guys think this is a + still since the line didn't get much darker? It worries me it didn't get much darker - i know it was only 9 hours, but still. 5 months ago I miscarried at 9 weeks and I had problems with hcg not increasing enough so I am a little freaked out about hcg increases now. If this is a BFP, is it okay that it didn't get a lot darker over 9 hours? Thanks everyone in advance. I am beyond ready to give my son a sibling!!!

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