does genital herpes have any symptoms other than the blisters?? i've tried looking on the internet but havent been able to find anything. i had an outbreak last year, which im not 100% was herpes, but i had sore open blisters around my labia which were incredibly painful and uncomfortable. i found online that tea tree oil helped such blisters and it cleared up within a few days. well, recently i've had severe vaginal pain... i checked and i found a filmy substance/flaky skin around my vagina. i soaked it off with warm water and applied pure tea tree oil to it, and it went for a while. but now it's back again and still hurts, i had a closer look with a mirror and i found two tiny red pimples in between my labia majora and labia minora that look like they might be blisters forming. im still applying tea tree to it, but im very low on it and im not sure when i could get some more. does anyone know if there are any more symptoms associated with it? as well as the pain, i've had cramps, diarrhoea, headaches, chills, etc. i cant get a doctors app. for a while as i need to be added to my husband's insurance, so is there anything else i can try on it until I can get professional treatment? any help or advice will be very much appreciated!!😔