I'm so excited for everyone here!

Hi, I'm Kimberly! I was brought into this group when I was pregnant, but shortly after I ended up miscarrying (on Christmas), but I'm still a member of this group (I'm not sure why I haven't taken myself off of it yet), but I came on here & checked up on you all. You're bellies are looking perfect && I'm sure you are all so excited!!! Wether it's your first or not, it's a very exciting time!!! 
I just found out yesterday that I'm pregnant again (didn't take too long I suppose) so I'm I'm a few months behind everyone here, but I wanted to say I'm excited for everyone & living vicariously through you. Weird to think I would have been halfway through my pregnancy & would be finding out the gender, but it's good knowing in maybe 15 or so weeks (as long as this baby sticks) I'll be in the same excited "omg can't I be done being pregnant because I want to hold my baby" stage that you're all in. 
I miss being kicked from the inside at all hours, hearing heartbeats at doctors visits && just knowing every day was one step closer to seeing my little mister, and I know everyone here will do so well when your little ones are born! 
Congrats to all of you lovely ladies! 💗💋