Advice-Young Marriage

So, this might be a little bit long.
I've been together with my fiancée for 2 years, and we have now been engaged for abou six months. I am 20 and he is 18. Initially my parents flipped and insisted that he get me a promise ring (even though he had already gotten me an engagement ring). They have grown more accustomed to the idea over time, but I want to get married next summer and I think they want me to put it off till the year after that, which means that they won't really seriously talk about the wedding and putting it on/getting a date, etc.
I am currently finishing my 2nd year of college and my fiancée is finishing his freshman year which means next summer I will be going into my final year and he will be a junior. We both work 27 hours a week on top of school and are very mature, responsible people. We would both continue that work for the 8 months I am in school after the projected wedding time, and then I would work full-time somewhere and he would continue part-time and finish his degree. 
Do any of you have any advice on how to handle my parents or how our chances of getting off the ground look?
Thank you!!