Need to vent...😥

Kate • Pregnant with our 2nd, due 9/12/18!
Sorry for the long post that is coming, but I need to vent to other mamas who might understand what I am currently extremely frustrated by.  I'm almost 20 weeks with our first, and my baby boy is measuring 6 days bigger (I think my EDD based on LMP was wrong since I have a shorter cycle, so baby is matching up exactly with what I believe is the EDD).  I'm an RN and tonight at work, another nurse just blurted out (completely out of the blue) "my god, you're HUGE!  You're going to need a glucose test; I bet you're diabetic.  You're going to have a big baby!"  Yesterday, also at work, a different nurse said "oh, you have pre-eclampsia, I know it.  Don't worry...I will visit you when you're on bedrest."  I made the mistake of mentioning that I'm getting the pre-eclampsia work-up at my next OB visit because my BP has been a little elevated the whole pregnancy (145/81 at last check), but it is no higher than it was pre-pregnancy.
While I totally understand that I may have gestational diabetes and maybe I will have pre-eclampsia, my husband and I have been trying to stay really positive because we also just found out that our baby boy has a malfunctioning kidney.  So far, it's okay because his other kidney appears normal, but we have to have additional ultrasounds and he might need surgery after he is born.  This is stressful enough on us.  Now, I am getting stressed because some big mouths I work with don't know when to mind their own business.
Has anyone else dealt with something like this?  How can I get people to stop scaring me?  It's getting to the point where I don't even want to talk about the pregnancy because I don't want to get stressed out, and I really hate it.  I have wanted to have a baby for so long, and I hate that I am letting people ruin my happiness and excitement.