Just so sad!! Ladies Vent away if needed!

Really just need to vent, and honestly writing it is the easiest way. Hubby and I wanna have baby #2 and its just so frustrating what I been going thru. I have pcos and my doctor wanted to put me on clomid, which I am all for. For some crazy reason this cycle is so much longer then any of my other cycles have been. For the past year they have been 30-40 days and today I am going on day 61.. I went for blood work 3 weeks ago, didn't ovulate, 2 weeks ago still didn't ovulate, then he said to come back in a week and he will give me provera and clomid!! GREAT!! I was so excited and very hopeful!! I truly believe this is something that can help me. 
Well the day I went for my appt he took blood again just to make sure I didn't ovulate within that week from my last blood test which was .74 progesterone. He wrote me the prescriptions but said wait until I give you your results, the next day i called and he said I may have ovulated, my progesterone was 4.2 and he said that's pretty close to 5.. I was actually very upset and sad about it! Mainly because hubby and I only had sex 1 time that week figuring I wasn't ovulating, plus now I have to wait 2 weeks more than how long I have been waiting.. Just sad! I know you ladies know what it feels like to want something so bad and feel it so close but then something has to ruin it when now you have to wait even longer!! Ugh! I highly doubt I'm pregnant and he said wait 12 days and test, and if I'm not pregnant I should get a period.. I just want this as of yesterday. 
Just needed to vent, Don't be shy if you want to let it out like I did. 
Thanks for listening :-)