Cant get over the so long


Just wanted to give I'm experience. Me and my fiance worked at the same place only he worked swing and I worked graveyard. We have a son together and been together for 4 years at that time. I worked alone and he worked with one or two other people. I would come in and he would smile and make me laugh like everything was normal. Also everyone there knew we were together. So for about a month he worked with a girl named "Kyra" and she was cool with me to. I would come in and talk to them both. Never thought nothing of it. Week pass and my boss which was a high school friend pulled me off to the side and said hey I was watching the cameras and Kyra and ur fiance are getting real close. I confront them n they say we just day I come home from work and my son doesn't look like he had much sleep so I carry him from the car to the house. I said babe u sleep good he said no the floor was not comfortable...... I said floor????? U have a bed he said daddy took me somewhere else. I said where he said idk a girl house. I said do I know this girl he said yeah you and daddy work with her. My heart was so crushed I instantly knew who it was...Kyra. Then my son goes on to say he take me there a lot in my sleep. So I get my son ready for school my fiance is gone to store for milk. I take my son to school and I come home to confront my fiance. He denies it and said my son is tripping. I grab his phone and go thru it. Kyra texting him saying she love him and can't wait for him to leave me. And show they talk during the day when I slept and when I was at work.....they had a side relationship going on for at least 2 months. Had to stay at current jobto provide for my son but manager scheduled it so I would never have to see Kyra between shift change and that my fiance would not work with her any more. Solo week past we r trying to mend our relationship and Kyra keeps coming to our job when she is off to see my fiance and according to cameras he was avoiding contact when she did. Then the calls from any phone she could get her hands on to call him he would immediately hang up on her. Some how a week later I found out she had told him that she was pregnant and now he was confused. * my son is not biological his but he has been there since before my son could talk walk or crawl* he is the only dad my son knows. He doesn't want to abandon his child or my child and I told him when she can find out if its ur or not then you can make plans he had big doubt's that it was his. Few days later she told him the doctor said she was having twins then after him and her talked about the baby and her crying wanting him to leave me he came to me and said I can't be with you or I won't be able to see my biological children when there born she doesn't want them around you and I said we can fight for custody too once babies are bore if they are yours. She was to the point she wouldn't show him the positive prego test or doctor papers nothing. Later that day Kyra ex boyfriend calls us and was like its not your baby its mine. 2 weeks later she calls me to yell me she only slept with my fiance because she did not like me and wanted me to hurt. My fiance never put her in her place for me. He disclose very personal information about me to her that she used against me. Also that she was never pregnant by my fiance this happened February 2014 she had one baby in beginning of way could be his they didn't know each other 8-9 months prior she was in Texas.

So that's the story and I have tried putting it behind me I do love this man and my son does to. He tries to be the best he can be now. But when I look at him I can't believe he did something like that to me I would never to him and not only me u had my son at ur mistress house sleeping on the floor while u f***ed Kyra. I want to trust him and have things back but I mean will that situation ever go away. Help me how do I get over this and trust him again. Its hard being with him and second guessing every message he gets on his phone, every unsaved number that called, is he flirting with any of his fb Instagram and twitter friends. I so insecure now and need to stop any advice.