"Mishap" during sex, HELP!

Yesterday morning I got my peak sign with my digital clearblue OPK. We BD last night and it was awesome, I even forgot we were trying for #2! I used preseed beforehand and also was super aroused (sorry TMI) and right as my husband was about to or during I honestly can't tell, he slipped out and then put it right back in to finish. 
I wasn't even mad, it was actually funny. I had been so diligent with tracking my ovulation and making sure we had sex at my peak. We were having so much fun that I just couldn't be mad. After he was like I can't believe I did that! 
So my question is......did I not maximize my chances of conceiving because of this? I reached down to feel if there was anything on me and there wasn't. So after I laid down for s while I reached down and I felt way more leakage then normal. I'm hoping some of it was the preseed. 
Has this happened to anyone before? Any advice?