Suddenly longer cycles- HSV related??

My cycle has always been 35 days dead on, usually 5 weeks to the day. I had never really tracked it or paid much attention to it until I downloaded an app (period diary) a couple years ago and noticed how precise it was each month. In December I contracted HSV-2 which was a horrible realization, but I've dealt with it mentally and I'm learning to live with the situation. My now boyfriend is entirely too supportive and understanding (I love this man). 
But now to my point... Since then my period has been so wacky! I had my period on December 12, then didn't have another until February 20! That's like 70 days right?! I just got my period again today and it's been 45 days this cycle. I'm on Valtrex for the HSV but my obgyn said the medication would not affect my cycle. Anybody else experience changes in your cycle perhaps linked to HSV??? Just wondering everyone's thoughts. Tia!