Need to vent :(

Carmel • First time mom!
I just feel like my man needs to step up! We have our own buisness and ever since we found out that I'm pregnant he's falling apart. I feel like all the responsibility of brining money to the table is on my shoulders and I'm just at the position where I feel like he has my back (it's a sales job). He tries to sell but can't do it and he just doesn't feel like working. I can't run the buisness by myself but can't force him to sell because he is "trying" it just doesn't go well. It might be stupid but I want to feel like my man is taking care of us (or at least when I'm incapable) and not the other way around. I'm just so faustrated and feel like shaking him so he'll stop acting like a boy and be a man.
Too harsh? Too 50s?