Feeling insecure

I am only 10 weeks pregnant and I know I'm not really showing yet. I mean, I can see little differences but only bc I know my body. My mom thinks I am starting to show but I think that's mostly bc she wants me to be. I know my body. I didn't start this pregnancy thin and I carry almost all of my weight in my belly, so what some people think is a baby belly is just a food belly. 
Yesterday we took our announcement pictures and I hated all of them. I just looked fat. My husband tried to convince me that I'm beautiful and all that good stuff. 
Then to make matters worse, today I told someone I work with that I'm pregnant. "I thought so when you walked in," she told me. Then she went on to say that it's rude to ask someone if they're pregnant. Well, it's also rude to assume they're much further along than they are. "Oh you look pregnant." And, "you look swollen." Then she asked how far along and I really didn't want to tell her bc from the sound of it, she thought I was 5 or 6 mons when I'm only 2 😞. 
I've always been one to fuss at pregnant women for saying they're fat. "No, you're pregnant," I'd say. I would feel that way if I thought I was showing. Instead I just feel like the fat girl who happens to also be (barely) pregnant. 😞