Feeling sad, angry, broken, confused, hurt.

Jennifer • Had baby girl
How can everything seem so perfect one day and fall apart the next?? I found out I was pregnant on March 9,2015. On Tuesday March 10,2015 I was taken by ambulance to the hospital because I couldn't breath, eat, drink, talk or even swollow. Turns out I had strep throat I've never felt pain that bad before. My boyfriend stayed home to take care of me because I could hardly take care of my 5 year old. Because my boyfriend stayed home for 2 days he lost his job. I had no clue because he would get up at the Crack of dawn every day and "go to work". I only found out the truth today because he didn't pay rent like he said he was going to. He said he didn't want me to blame my self for him losing his job so he was trying to protect me. He said he's been working hard every day since then trying to find another job. I had to ask my mom to pay my rent but it came with a price. That price is to end things with my boyfriend. She even told be I need to consider getting an abortion because I can't support the two kids I already have. I was told two years ago I couldn't have any more kids. I'm 8 weeks now and this baby is a miracle to me. She repeatedly told me what a screw up I am and that I'm an un fit mother I am. I've spent all day crying. I've called off our wedding until my boyfriend can fix the damage he caused with all the lieing he did. My emotions are all over I don't know what to do or say right night. I feel so lost and alone and hurt. He says he will make it right he will fix it. I told him I don't care of he has to work at McDonald's until he finds something better as long as he helps with the bills. Any advice or input or just a listening ear or a shoulder to cry on that would be great. I go for my first appointment tomorrow. Thanks