So mad !!😡

Teri-lyn • 27 engaged mommy to lincoln 05.11.2016
Iam so god damn sick and tired of my finace and his stuck up . I know everything and i never do anything wrong additude. He has been this was since he moved in with me back in October.  We where doing amazing we fight once in a while over the dumbest things. But latly its been more and more ever since i misscarried back  on march 11th hes been a real asshole  everything has to be done his way or no way . Iam the one providing for is iam the one who is keeping  the roof over our heads . Iam at my wits end i dont know what to do anymore . I love him to death but this additide needs to fuck off i buy him what ever he needs when he needs it  i try my hardest not to start fights but its so damn hard to put up with his shit .  Iam becoming a cold hearted bitch :( uhggg   Any advice so i dont punch him in the face