How Accurate Are Home Pregnancy Test?

Warning Kinda Long Story , So I Had Sex Recently Most Recently Was Last Sunday And I Also Had Sex The Sunday Before That And I Took A Pregnancy Test But I Think I Took It To Early And The Store's Nearby Like Dollar General Only Carry 6$ And Up For Some Reason And I Cant Tell My Parents So I Have To Wait Till I Get More Money For Another Test Because I Cant Have Them Go Take Me To The Store Like Kroger Or Anything For No Resaon And I Cant Say I Want Something From A Store Like Kroger And Walk Out With "Nothing" But No Money So I Was Wondering How Accurate Are Home Pregnancyc Test, We Used A Condom But I Didnt Know About His Condom Smarts Untill After Tue 3rd Time We Had Sex And Now Im really parinoid ,Help Please (Sorry If This Was Hard To Understand Or Made No Sence 😂😭)