What would you do? :( I'm honestly lost..

Ellie • Abbigail Mae • 01.14.17 • Finnegan Jakob : 01.28.18 : /09.27.19 Tessa Elise /🥰🌼

Say your fiancé worked 12 hour days. However, he has two days off. You two have a seven month old and he doesn't help with them at all. You have a second one on the way and he's admitted he avoids helping take care of the 7 m.o and will NOT be changing the way things are considering he will be working the same hours. This job he works is as a Dominos Assistant Manager & you work as well, just only a few hours less then come home and take care of the baby. You are the one always waking up with them and giving them attention and all he does is work sleep and play on his phone.

What would you do? Am I wrong to be upset I get zero help? I've talked to him so many times, so many broken promises..