Anyone else had horrendous symptoms since stopping depo? (TMI warning)


I've had pretty much constant pregnancy symptoms since coming off it - last injection was in November 2016 and the symptoms began soon after that.

Literally I even leak breast milk at times, experience food aversions, morning/evening sickness, my boobs are absolute agony, I have awful mood swings, cravings, heightened sense of smell, metallic or foul taste in my mouth, etc etc. Been getting these on and off for months, but no pregnancy.

The symptoms are beginning to die down as my cycle becomes more regular, but it's been absolute torture because I've thought I was pregnant so many times in the last 8 or so months and have consequently had so many heartbreaking BFNs after being totally convinced by my body.

After some research, I've found that depo withdrawal can just really mess up our hormones for a while. I can't even look at chicken sometimes, which I used to love, and the thought of my normal bowl of cereal made me want to hurl this morning. If it was morning sickness, I could cope with that, but there's no baby!!

Anyone else had strange, horrible or pregnancy-related symptoms?