My husband and I live in a small single wide with 2 dogs and 2 cats. My mother just got evicted from her home she was renting. I told her since she had no place to put it that she could put some of her stuff in my garage. My husband and I took the dogs and went camping last night and were not supposed to be home until tomorrow night, but it got to cold up in the mountains so we came home tonight. We get here and my mom has moved herself I to our home!! We now have me, my husband, a Great Dane, a blue heeler, my 2 cats, my mom, her boyfriend, my 17 year old sister, and my moms 2 cats (in the garage) living in my single wide!!! Holy shit! I am going to freak out! I did not tell her she could do this, just that she could store some things at my house! Idk what I am going to do because I tried to address this with her and it started a screaming battle between us. She said if I was a good daughter that I would let them stay till she got back on her feet. But I can't support all of us!! I am trying to switch jobs and everything right now as well! I am stressed to the max and do not want to fight with my mom. I am so defeated. And my husband is mad at me that my mom did this because I told her she could bring some stuff and he said I knew this would happen and I didn't actually. So to him I am now the bad guy and brought this upon us both.

** Oh, and I do love my mom very much and my sister. But my husband and I are the only 2 that have jobs. I want to help my mom, I just don't know how. But I can't support 5 people and 4 cats and 2 dogs.