No period post pill - progesterone cream help??

Went off the pill 9 weeks ago. I know this is really soon to feel frustrated. My hormones are clearly out of wack. I had my withdrawal period and haven't had af visit since which is frustrating because we want to TTC ASAP.

My question is about progesterone cream. I read that the pill will essentially "turn off" progesterone hormones so my body won't release my eggs. Since I've been on the pill for about 15 years, my body essentially needs help to remember how to to do this right? I never had period problems before birth control. I fully plan on seeing my doctor to get blood work and her advice as soon as I can but I was wondering if anyone has used progesterone cream to induce their period before? I read if you use it for 2 weeks and then stop it could help bring it on. It's essentially the same as provera. Anyone try this before?

Update: I should also note NOT pregnant and no signs of ovulating either