17 year old sister.

So I just offered to take in my 17 year old sister. Our home is small and we aren't rich by any means. I think we will be able get by just fine with housing and food. I can drive her to school every morning (it's 20-25 minutes away). I will do my very best to take her to all her sporting stuff if she does them, she may not, if I can't I will find a way to get her to them! I will make sure her homework is done before she goes out with friends and I will make sure she at least let's me know she is safe every few hours when she is out. I will everything I can to help her with everything, even making sure she gets her driver's license (she hasn't gotten her permit yet because she hasn't passed the written test and my mom won't help her or take her to retake it). I want to help her and right now my mom doesn't even have a home. Idk if my sister will actually come live with me, but is there things I need to be informed of or tips/advice about housing her? She is such a good kid! Has great grades and is very independent. She just had her first kiss too, but I know she won't have sex with him. Even if she did I would just sure she used a condom and if she wants and is able to get her birth control, but she most likely won't because she most likely can't get pregnant anyway. She also has a brain tumor so I would make sure she gets to her doctors appointments and is taking her meds and stuff! (the tumor is responding well to her meds to keep it at a manageable size.)