Doctor Appt. Update


Short backstory for those who don't know me: I had a hemmorhagic cyst on my ovary in January of 2016. Ever since, I have had chronic pelvic/lower abdominal/lower back pain. Been to several doctors/ERs for this, but to no avail. My husband and I have suspected Endometriosis. Actual post: Today I went to my OBGYN to see his opinion on the matter, and if he was willing to do a Laparoscopy to try and find a diagnosis. Today was the first day I have ever seen this specific doctor, and lucky for me, HE WAS AMAZING. He checked all my records from other offices, he felt around my stomach/pelvis, done a pelvic exam, and a rectal exam. He says he feels that there are 1 of 2 things going on- IBS and/or Endo. First things first, he tells me to get on Prenatals ASAP considering we are "not trying but not preventing". Second, he puts me on a "cleanser" (same as cleanser used for Colonoscopy). After I finish that, I have to completely eliminate all dairy from my diet for 4 weeks. I see him back in 4 weeks, and if any pain is still there, he will do the Laparoscopy. (He also mentioned "I want you two to have more intercourse, and try and get pregnant, because if it is Endometriosis, getting pregnant will get rid of it." LOL, I found that a little weird that he said that, but totally fine with me and hubby as we both want children, and hubby mainly wants more sex! Haha.) I am SO ecstatic to finally see a doctor who is willing to actually help me and I am SO happy that I decided to try with my regular OBGYN first. Anyway, just wanted to let this out, because, as annoying as I feel I may have been with all of my posts, you ladies are always so supportive and I'm so grateful to have found this app/community! PS:: I also have an appointment at 9:30 in the morning to have an Ultrasound and HIDA with CCK on my gallbladder for my GI doctor (she wants to start small as well before proceeding with an Endoscopy or Colonoscopy)!