Baby name

Sorry I have to vent. I'm due with my baby girl in the next couple of days and my parents are trying to give me shit because I want my daughter to only have one last name. My boyfriends last name.

They love my boyfriend and are very happy for us but they think it's wrong that we only want her to have one last name.

They are trying to say that it's disrespectful and that I'm embarrassed of my last name. And that she's my baby just as much as she is my boyfriends and I understand that but the thing is , I don't want her to have two last names. She's perfectly fine with only one. My dads trying to say also that to give her both and when she's old enough she can pick which One she wants and that we're not married so she needs both

Their trying to threaten me and tell me I better give her both I have no choice or their gunna be soo pissed blah blah blah. Anybody else ever had/has drama like this?

Like why can't you just be happy for the baby almost being here and let HER PARENTS make their own decisions