My husband is not happy am pregnant


After two years of trying and miscarriages I am finally pregnant but the problem is my husband doesn't seem excited about it. Last year June when I had a miscarriage he blamed me for it and made me fell guilty of losing the baby it was a horrible experience he didn't even show sympathy cos I lost my dad the same period. And after that anytime we have a fight he insults me for my inability to have a child call me all sorts of name. Then when I discovered I was pregnant and shared the news to him he didn't seem excited all he said is congrats and we didn't even talk more about that our house is more like a dead zone on it and I asked him why he is not showing any excitement he said he's a man that men doesn't show their emotions but then I used his debit card to pay for my phone bill and I told him later in the day he lashed out and was so angry and I noticed anything I say is a problem and he will go as far as threatening me and warning me not to repeat what I said which I see no big deal in it. Yesterday I was so tried and I slept off on the couch he cane and told me that I shouldn't use this pregnancy for an excuse to be lazy that I should try and be very active honestly I can't catch a break again. I dont know what to make of all this and is stressing me out and am not enjoying my pregnancy so far with the man I called my husband. Pls how do I handle it and trust me is as bad I wrote it.