Baby Elliot long birth story


So my due date was august 9th, but of course being a FTM my baby had other plans! My doctor scheduled my induction for aug 16 at 9 a.m.

So on the 15 I decided to take the castor oil, basically to cleanse my self before I went to the hospital the following day!

At 3:20 a.m. Of the 16, I woke up to use the bathroom and felt a trickle, I knew it was my water and immediately hoped into the shower, did a quick shower and headed to the hospital.

I Was there by 4:35 am and they tested me to see if in fact it was my water and tested my blood pressure, they realized that it was high and decided to admit me even tho I was only dilated 1 CM.

So I labored without an epidural till 4pm, I asked for one since it was part of my birth plan anyways and to see if with it my blood pressure would be kept down! They had to top it off almost immediately after getting it cause I was still feeling the contractions!

So, with the epidural in place I dilated to 6 cm by 7 pm, but DR had to come in again to top it off cause I was feeling the contractions, this is were it gets interesting.

After getting that dose, my DR came and rupture what was left of my water and I immediately had the urge to throw up (sorry TMI) while throwing up, baby's heart beat would go down and they had To give me oxygen and change my position.

They managed to get it yo again, but by 9 pm baby hearts beat was really low, so they decided that my best option was a csection.

I don't want to scare anyone but I felt a lot of pressure while they were on it.

Baby Elliot, was born by 9:18 pm breathing and crying and that was when I broke down, I couldn't believe that after all this months my baby was with me! My husband went with him to the nursery, they checked him and everything was perfect!

Me on the other hand, I had to stay in observation for 3 and a half hours due to the high blood pressure, but everything is great now, my levels are awesome and I got to hold my 8.11

pounds 21 inches bundle of joy!