First signs/symptoms of pregnancy

AF is 4 days late. I promised myself I wouldn't test until I'm a week late, because AF was a couple days last month and my test came back negative (I've been off birth control since my period ended in June). But, now at 4 days late I'm kind of starting to get my hopes up.

I haven't really had any symptoms except some mild cramping since a couple dpo, a pinch/twinge feeling in my left lower abdomen that came and went for a few days, and a fullness/heaviness in my lower abdomen that lasted for about a week--this came on about 5-6 dpo.

I also have had a really stuffy nose for the past week, which I have heard can happen in early pregnancy due to the excess mucus.

I know sometimes the missed period is the first symptom, however I feel like since I haven't really shown any symptoms that AF is late because my cycle is still getting back on track.

What were your first symptoms? When did you get them? Was a missed period your first sign?

Would love to hear your thoughts.