I really need y'all opinion please!

So my boyfriend does maintenance. He has stayed late at work for the past two days painting an apartment. Well yesterday he came home and I noticed the right side of his lip and mustache was red. I'm like wtf is that on your lip. He was like what is it? I'm like go look in the mirror and see. He checked and said idk. I'm like who tf you been kissing. He was like its paint. I said so let me wipe it off and let's see. He was nervous. Didn't want me to see his hands and wasn't trying to let me wipe his face. Eventually I was able to slip a wipe across his lip and it came right off. It looked like smeared lipstick. He's arguing with me that it's paint. Mind you he's cheated on me before and has always gotten caught. I know his body language when he's caught. He gets nervous and his heart starts racing. So he's been trying to convince me its paint ever since. He had black paint and green paint on his hands that he had to scrub off. But I was easily able to wipe off that "red paint" off his lip. Wtf am I supposed to think? Like what would you ladies think? Would you believe your SO? I know the difference between paint and red lipstick. That was smeared on his lip. Not paint that's stuck and you see crusted on him. I just don't know what to do anymore. I'm 5 months pregnant and I feel bad my daughter may end up being raised by two parents in separate households. I even told him to take a picture of the paint on his face and send me a pic. I'm still waiting for that pic. Smh 😭