I can not believe he did that !!


While I was on family vacation with obviously my family ( Mom, dad, sister, and my baby boy ( Eliot ) ) my boyfriend was invited to go. He worked his butt of to be able to go on vacation with me because he knew how much it meant to me that he would go. It was our second vacation together, the first time it was his parents, him and just me (no baby, which was hard) so I was beyond excited for him to be going on a vacation with me and my family because it would be as we were playing house in a way sense my baby was there. It was a good way to feel things out on how we would do non-stop together with a cute little baby boy 😍.

One day as i was on the beach, at the end of the vacation, I started my period. I didn't realize I was going to start 2 weeks early due to my birth control not doing what it should be doing, but that's a whole different story. I asked my dad if he could go to the store and get me some tampons because the car was under his name and he wouldn't allow anyone to drive, as well as I am having to watch my baby on the beach because no one but my boyfriend was helping making sure he wasn't going to get hurt or taken by the water. My mom and dad never paid one lick unless I asked if my boyfriend and I could go do something like ski jets or just walk the beach. The rest of the time it was me watching him non stop, which is fine with me cause that's my baby lol. Anyways my dad said no, just go put a pad on ( my sister had some of those, that she was wearing while on the beach. Keep in mind, she has no same and she wouldn't be able to even comprehend have a tampon works do too she's autistic ). I told my boyfriend what my father said, and he was like " you aren't your sister, you should have to put on a pad while on the beach, that's disgusting and you dad shouldn't be so little minded". Completely agreeing with what my boyfriend said made me more upset after the fact my dad who I can count on wouldn't help me. So Lance ( the boyfriend ) left the beach, walked to the store which was about 20 minutes away by foot, sense no one but by dad could use the car, and got my tampons and some yummy snacks to make me feel better. An hour later he was back on the beach with me and my son playing away and having a good old time. He also took the rule of "dada" during the vacation around the same time when he went to the store and has been called "dada" ever sense that day.

My son, me, and the boyfriend on the plane

My farther and son

Sister and mother

( the boyfriend) Dada and Eliot

I can't believe that he did all of that for me and I am so blessed!