In need if some insight please!

Scheduled to be induced this Wednesday night at 8pm. So who knows when I will actually birth? Could be super early in the morning,
Later in the morning, maybe if I am super unlucky in the afternoon 😔. I told my DH he should give his job a heads up and take Thursday off. He shrugs his shoulders and says to me "If you have him before it is time for me to go to work that morning, I can being a change of clothes and go into work. We need the money anyways." He has always been very protective and worrysome of me, more so since I have been pregnant. Lately he has been making me have an escort to go to my appointments, sometimes it was him. My mother will be there for my labor and delivery, but she has a job and it isnt her job to stay and look after me. So what I am asking really this ok? I am a FTM. Yes I am a big girl and I can figure it out myself, and hospital staff are amazing with helping mothers out. But, put that aside for now. If my mother goes back to work the next morning and so does my husband, I will be alone in a hospital without my support. Isn't this a painful and overwhelming emotional time? Do I need to put my foot down about my DH leaving? Or just suck it up and be a strong new mother that can handle it herself?