I ruined our anniversary!! 😢💔


Today is our 2 year anniversary and I completely ruined it 😢 idk what to do how to make things better ??.. it's a lot of my fault over a stupid argument..gosh 😩... so last night me and my bf we were fine & so he called me he's like babe I have so much in my head right now I'm working on my car and I have so many things To pay. He's like I know Ima work on my car this Saturday morning and be busy on it but after we're gonna go do our thing for our anniversary. So I was like babe I understand if you like we don't have to do anything my bro is coming over with his newborn I wanna see the baby. & have a BBQ at my house. He got pretty upset when I told him that he's like well in that case Ima take my sweet time working on my car and I'm just see you later Saturday. I was like wth you're gonna take your sweet ass time and not be with me??? And he's like Well yeah seems like you don't care about our anniversary I wanted to take you out. So I was like wth babe I was just saying we don't have to be there. Then he was saying about I don't care about us and our date and talking all this shit so I was like I'm not gonna argue with you so we just hung up. I went to bed and called me and I answered he's like have a goodnight I love you . & so I woke up this morning thinking we were good because he called me last night .. I posted pictures of us on my snap chat saying is our anniversary today... I texted him good morning told him I love him... he did too but he was being dry with me so he called me & I asked him are you okay ? Are we ok? He was so mad he's like you know what I can't be with you delete my number you don't care ,... (sounded like he was so upset but almost crying) I was babe really we're gonna break up today??? He's like you don't care blah blah he came to my work to talk but I couldn't talk to him because I was working I was scared to get in trouble... so he left he's like you have no idea what I wanted to today I was gonna bring you flowers today at work and surprise you and you ruined it ! I told him I'm so sorry many times he's like pls don't talk to me today Ima block you and he's like have a good day today and hung up. I been messaging him and he has blocked me ... I have no idea what to do I want to explode im at work and can't do shit about it how can I fix this ???? Ugh it's all my fault! 😩😢😢💔💔 sorry if this long I just really need to vent this out . 😓😓😓💔💔💔