Currently 9 weeks tomorrow && a caregiver

Samantha • Mommy of a princess 03.25.18 💕

For those who don't know a caregiver is someone who steps in and helps with elderly who are either fall risk , has a disability , has dementia , or simply can't take care of themselves . We help take care of them whether they live at home alone , at home with family ( families need help too they can't do this alone and sometimes need time for themselves ) , or at a senior care facility . Being pregnant makes it hard to cover extra shifts due to the fact I can't lift people or be around anyone who's had rubella etc . ( we really need the money and I'm only working 20 hours right now ) . My work is aware I'm pregnant and tend to call me to cover shifts without asking the client first if there is any lifting or they have had rubella . I always have to ask and make them go back to the client to ask . It makes it unnerving that they would want to send me to a clients house without checking for my safety . They only care about their clients safety I feel . At one call they said that they were sure there was no lifting but they would call back to make sure . There was lifting involved . It's hard because I had to double check everything with them and hear them say " I know your pregnant " yet they don't take measures to ensure my baby and I are safe in the meantime . They aren't a bad company or bad at all you know . It's just ridiculous though .